About Me

Name: Archie

Age: 6 Years Old

Breed: Crossbreed (Romanian)

Sex: N/M

Ref Number: 53


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Rehoming – Profile


Archie was signed over as his owner could no longer care for him.

Behaviour observations on site:

Archie is a sweet, affectionate boy who loves a fuss, he is great around people that he knows and it doesn’t take him long to make friends. He can be a little wary of men and may take longer to trust them. He can be shy around over handling and will back away when he has had enough. Archie was previously a Romanian rescue.

Archie tends to prefer his own company and can be reactive towards other dogs when walking, this tends to be larger dogs as he can meet smaller friendly dogs, well. For this reason, we think that Archie would be best suited as an only pet. Slow positive dog interactions and training should be continued in the home to keep Archie socialised.

When it comes to grooming Archie doesn’t mind being brushed but having his nails clipped, he is more unsure about. His nails were long when he came into us, so we have been slowly getting him used to them being trimmed. By only trimming a couple nails at a time, with lots of positive training around it, he has become more comfortable. He isn’t the most food motivated dog but does love high value treats like chicken, liver paste or even some sausage, which makes training much easier.  

At our vets Archie has been a good boy, happy to meet our vet staff but again can become timid of overhandling, so this is something to be mindful of.

Archie has redirected in his previous home but we are unsure of the circumstances and severity. Here at the shelter he hasn’t shown this behaviour but for safety we are muzzle training him in case he needs to wear it in the future. New adopters will be shown training and this will need to be continued in the home.

Out and about Archie is a sweet boy who walks well on the lead and doesn’t seem phased by the world around him and new places, he would love to go on long walks and have a good sniff around. He will need to be kept on lead or on a long line as previously he will run off if he catches the scent of an animal.

Archie doesn’t toilet in his kennel and for this reason we believe that he may be toilet trained in a home, he might just need showing where the garden is initially. In Archies previous home he found the busyness of the household quite stressful so, for a quieter family Archie will be the perfect addition.

Cannot be rehomed to: Hindhead

Adoption fee: Minimum donation of £180


We reserve the right to remove a reserve at any stage of the adoption process if we believe it is in the best interest of the dog. 

Medical history:

No known medical conditions, Archie is neutered.

Adopters should consider that previous medical conditions will now not be covered by insurance. Adopters are responsible for the on-going medical costs once the animal has been adopted.

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