Eirra & Branwen

About Me

Name: Eirra & Branwen

Age: 6 Years Old

Breed: Lop 

Sex: Females

Ref Number: 13 & 14

If you have already filled out an application form within the last 6 months, you only need to email: enquiries@rspcasolent.org.uk with your surname, contact number and the name of the animal you are interested in so we can retrieve your previous application form. (We only keep application forms on file for 6 months due to GDPR requirements).

If you have not applied to adopt an animal from us before, please click the Application Form button below and fill out the online form. Please make sure once you have completed it to click “Submit” and it will be automatically sent to us.

If you would rather be sent an application form to fill out please email: enquiries@rspcasolent.org.uk and we will send you one. Or please pop into the shelter to fill one out in person.

Due to the high number of applications we receive daily,
regrettably we will only be able to contact the successful applicant.

Rehoming – Profile


Eirra and Branwen were handed into our care due to their previous owners no longer being able to look after them.


Behaviour observations on site:

How could you not fall in love with these gorgeous girlies?! Eirra and Branwen are two of the most relaxed sisters, in the images above is how you’ll often find them, snuggled up together either side by side or in a nice big hay bed! During their time here, we have noticed that the girls are still gradually warming to human interaction. Branwen being the most confident out of the pair will often come over first, while Eirra likes to be at her own pace to get to know you. But with time, we believe the girls will love the company of their new family as much as each other.

They will require outdoor housing with a run permanently attached (see photo above for an example). If you are interested, please fill in the application form on this page and send us photos to enquires@rspcasolent.org.uk of where Eirra and Branwen will be living, to speed up the process.

Adoption fee: £45 If you would like to make an additional donation over and above the adoption fee, this would be hugely appreciated

We reserve the right to remove a reserve at any stage of the adoption process if we believe it is in the best interest of the rabbits. 

Medical history:

Eirra and Branwen are both neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped and in good health. Upon arrival, Eirra especially, had quite severe matts around the backend of her fur which was removed by our vet. The matts were caused by diarrhoea that hasn’t been cleaned away which is started up by eating too much sweet vegetables. Due to this, we would advise that you feed the girls only small amounts of green vegetables. Grass and weeds such as Dandelions are ideal for them and do not cause an upset stomach. We would also advise that you monitor their backends to ensure they are clean, and no matts are developing again.

Adopters should consider that previous medical conditions will now not be covered by insurance. Adopters are responsible for the on-going medical costs once the animal has been adopted.

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