About Me

Name: Smidge

Age: 2 Years Old

Breed: American Bulldog X- White and tan 

Sex: F/S

Ref Number: 51


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Rehoming – Profile


Smidge came into us in May as her owners could no longer care for her. 


Behaviour observations on site:

Smidge is a sweetheart when she gets to know you and is affectionate and bouncy. She is nervous around new people, and it takes her a couple of meetings to form a bond and trust you. Because of this we have decided that Smidge would be better suited to a family with slightly older children 15+.

Smidge hasn’t been well socialised when she was younger and she is nervous in new surroundings. Everyday things like cars going past and load noises (wind) can spook Smidge and she will need to be walked in quieter places until her confidence has increased. Here at the shelter, we have been slowly introducing her to new things and her confidence is growing by the day. She walks well on the lead and is a pleasure to take out.

Smidge has shown nervous behaviours within our home environment set up. We have been working with Smidge to help her calm and explore at her own pace so she becomes more confident. It is something to bear in mind that it might take Smidge a while to settle and be mindful that everyday household items such as hovers or washing machines might be frighting for her.

Once bonded she is generally good with handling (she loves a fuss) and having a harness put on, she even lifts her paws up for you! At the vets she can be nervous, and we would recommend introducing and letting her form a bond with a vet before taking her for usual vet visits. We have done this with our vet onsite and found that she is much more comfortable when going in for heath checks.

Smidge hasn’t been well socialised around other dogs so therefore cannot live with them and she is wary of saying hello. Smidge tends to make distance and avoid contact all together. If she finds her self-trapped and unable to make space Smidge may escalate her response. We have been slowly introducing her to a few calm dogs to build her confidence and social skills. This training will need to be continued in the home so that Smidge becomes more confident around other dogs.

Because of her behaviour around other dogs, we are muzzle training her in case she may need to wear one in the future. Adopters will just need to be aware that Smidge cannot leave the shelter until she is fully muzzle trained.


All the staff here at the shelter have fallen in love with her and we cannot wait for Smidge to find her forever home. 


We reserve the right to remove a reserve at any stage of the adoption process if we believe it is in the best interest of the dog. 

Medical history:

Smidge has been neutered, fully vaccinated, de-flea and wormed and has no known health conditions.  


Adopters should consider that previous medical conditions will now not be covered by insurance. Adopters are responsible for the on-going medical costs once the animal has been adopted.

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