Why you should vaccinate your pets

No one wants their furry friends to fall ill to disease and viruses.

Vaccinations are the method that has been proven to protect your pets from life threatening illnesses. Not only will getting your pets vaccinated stop the spread of harmful diseases, it will also cost you a lot less in the future.

Please also remember to protect your elderly pets as their immune system will get slower with age. 

What vaccinations do my pets need?

Different animals need different vaccinations. Luckily for you we have compiled all of this useful information just for you in this blog!


Puppies are normally vaccinated at eight and ten weeks with a booster a year after the first vaccination.

Here is a list of diseases your dogs should be vaccinated against so they stay fit and healthy:

Canine parvovirus – This is a fast acting virus that can sadly cause death quickly if not treated.

Canine distemper virus – This virus is very serious as it is fatal for 50% of the dogs who contract it so please make sure your canine companion is protected.

Leptospirosis – A bacterial disease that affects the liver and kidneys. This one is potentially fatal.

Infectious canine hepatitis – A highly contagious viral disease that affects the liver and other organs.

Kennel cough – An infection that inflames the throat and windpipes. Despite its name this disease can be contracted anywhere.  

Please remember that reputable boarding kennels such as our own will need to see up to date vaccination records before your dog stays. 


Kittens are usually vaccinated at nine or twelve weeks and get a booster a year after the first vaccination. 

You can easily prevent four of the most serious cat illnesses by getting vaccinations. These four illnesses include:

Feline infectious enteritis (FIE) – a very harmful virus that is often fatal. This is a very dangerous virus as it can quickly spread through neighbourhoods.

Feline herpes virus (FHV) – FHV is transmitted through discharge from the nose/eyes and saliva. Infected cats might suffer with recurring symptoms.

Feline calicivirus (FCV) – FCV is a very good vaccination for your cat to have because of how easy it is to catch it. This virus can be spread via direct contact with affected cats, through the air and through contaminated environments. 

Feline Leukaemia virus – (FeLV) damages the immune system, increasing the risk of other illnesses and can cause cancers such as lymphoma and leukaemia.


Pet rabbits should be routinely vaccinated from 5 weeks against three deadly diseases. These are:

Myxomatosis – This disease is fatal and is transmitted through fleas and mosquitoes which are very common. 

Rabbit viral Haemorrhagic Type 1 and 2 – This disease is bad because when an owner realises their rabbit has this then it is already too late to prevent death.

Also remember – if you have pet insurance, your insurer requires your pet to have up-to-date vaccinations to keep your policy valid. 

Please keep in mind that this is just a guide, as not all vaccinations will be suitable for all animals.

Get in touch with your vet for more detailed information on your pets individual needs.

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