Adopting from The Ark

In Our Care Every Animal Receives:

  • A full health check
  • Preventative treatment (worming, flea treatment, vaccinations)
  • Neutering if it is in the animals best interest
  • Microchipping (dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets)
  • Regular behavioural and physical assessments
  • Basic training (sometimes this will be in more depth)

Once Adopted You Will Receive:

  • A full vet history from our vet team – including information about any ongoing medical conditions which you will be responsible for
  • Basic behavioural advice
  • Copies of all behavioural assessments whilst in our care

Additional Information:

  • With puppies and young dogs certain problems, such as hip dysplasia, may not be apparent at the time of adoption and without knowledge of the parentage we cannot detect genetic problems.
  • We aim to identify all health problems, but are unable to guarantee an animal’s health. Nor are we able to accept responsibility for any health problem which develops after the animal has left the shelter. Adopters are responsible for their pets future healthcare, and adopters agree to this as part of the adoption procedure.  We strongly advise you to arrange permanent pet insurance cover against the cost of veterinary treatment.
  • We review the behaviour of all animals during their stay here and ensure that they’re suitable for rehoming, however we are not able to guarantee how an animal may behave once in your domestic environment, which is very different from the kennel situation they live in whilst they are with us.

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