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What we do

Every year hundreds of animals are abandoned, rejected and cruelly mistreated. The RSPCA Inspectorate are usually called in to help and your local RSPCA Solent Branch supports a 400 square mile catchment area in Hampshire with The Stubbington Ark animal centre at the heart of everything we do.

As a separately registered Branch of the RSPCA, this means that we are responsible for raising our own funds to deliver vital animal welfare services to a wide range of different species.

Take a look at our Fundraising pages to see how you might be able to support us.

Starting Out

By the early 1980s the facilities at the Branch’s Park Gate shelter were at breaking point and overcrowding, growing waiting lists, obsolete equipment and other pressures handicapped efforts to respond to a growing need. The Branch took on the task of searching for new accommodation and in 1984, bought a 9 acre site at Ranvilles Farm in Stubbington.

Expansion has been necessary year by year to keep pace with the ever-growing demands. Even though we now have some great facilities there is a constant need to update and maintain our animal centre.

‘The Ark’ considers education vital to ensure a better future for animals and we are one of the few animal centres in the country to have developed an Education Centre, encouraging visits from school parties, youth groups and adult groups. 

Our Facilities

We are able to house cats, dogs, rabbits, guinea pigs, ferrets, all small rodents, stock animals and numerous species of wildlife.

Most of our animals are neutered on site at our in house Veterinary Unit complete with operating theatre and we microchip all adopted cats, dogs, rabbits and ferrets. 

Our team of dedicated staff and volunteers strive to rescue and rehabilitate all animals and ensure that they all receive the best possible care and the chance to find their new forever homes or be released back into the wild.

Our Timeline


The Ark was founded


Ranvilles Farm was purchased


State-of-the-art Veterinary Unit built


Cattery Rebuild

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